Things to Do at Harau

Visit Various Spots & Destinations

Visit various sarosah/waterfalls, echo point, and many more!

Enjoy Local Cuisine & Snacks

Try Harau unique cuisine and snacks such as Gelamai, Rakik, and Karupuak. West Sumatran foods are among the best in the world.

Attend Events in Harau

Enjoy exclusive local cultural events in Harau.


Get outstanding selfies and landscapes of Harau’s natural wonder.

Camping & Rock Climbing

Set up camps & climb the cliffs of Harau

Relax and Enjoy the Nature

Refresh yourself by enjoying the natural beauty of Harau


Kampuang Sarosah

Sarasah Air Luluh

Sarasah Bunta

Sarasah Murai (Lubuk Limpato)

Camping & Rock Climbing Site

Sarasah Aka Berayun

Sarasah Donat

Sarasah Murai (Harau)

Echo Point

Children Playground

Lodging and Homestay

Sawah Liek Homestay

Price : Rp 300.000,- until Rp 350.000,-

Homestay Bu Mitra

Price : Rp 300.000,- until Rp 350.000,-

Puti Sari Banilai Homestay

Price : Rp 300.000,- until Rp 350.000,-

Zico Homestay

Price : Rp300.000,- until Rp350.000,-


13 - 15 July 2018

Pasa Harau Art & Culture Festival

Pasa Harau & Art Culture Festival adalah kegiatan pemberdayaan masyarakat dalam pengembangan wisata berbasis komunitas di Lembah Harau, Kecamatan Harau, Kabupaten Limapuluh Kota, Sumatera Barat. Diselenggarakan oleh masyarakat yang bernaung dalam Komunitas Lembah Harau.

More info:

Local Cuisine

Karupuak Kuah Harau

Fried Coffee Leafs

Coffee Leafs Tea/Kawa Daun

Gifts & Souvenirs




About Harau


Harau Valley located in Kecamatan Harau, Kabupaten Lima Puluh Kota, Sumatera Barat is a well known local & international tourist destination. The topographical condition of the area offers many beautiful landscapes, from panorama of hills which shows a large area of Lima Puluh Kota and Payakumbuh, we can also see the landscapes of three mountains that is Gunung Merapi, Gunung Singgalang, and Gunung Sago. In addition to Harau’s outstanding panorama, there are also many caves or also known as ‘Ngalau’ by locals such as Ngalau Seribu, Ngalau Kolek, and Ngalau Air Luluh. There are also camping area and challenging tracking route. Harau Valley has many waterfalls as tourist destinations, also known as ‘Sarasah’ each with its own charm, most are not known by tourists. A geographical survey team from Germany in 1980 found that the rocks found in Harau are breccias and conglomerates similar to those found in ocean floor. This is interesting because there is a local legend of Putri Sari Banilai which states that the area was an ocean once.

The Name of Harau

People says that the name of Harau is from natural event. Before the formation of the Nagari, the population of the area comes from many groups, those who from aristocrats and also commoners. As the population grows, Taratak is formed as small groups of people, and then from the Tarataks, Koto is formed, and from this Koto all activities are done.

As it progresses, some community leaders took the initiative to form a Nagari with the rules and boundaries of the Nagari as envisioned by those leaders. It is then responded by other community leaders and a meeting is held in order to find and determine the name of the Nagari. During the meeting took place, the people heard very loud roar and it causes anxiety among the community, then after there is no more panic among people, a dubalang is sent to investigate the incident where was the rumbling sound is sourced.

After the dubalang arrived at the scene, it turned out that the large rock in the middle of the water rod collapsed and caused the sound of “Rau”, the source of people’s worry. So that the small location is named “robo” and the Nagari was given the name “arau” which was finally perfected by the name “Harau “. That is how the name Harau is known.

The Legend of Putri Sari Banilai

Once upon a time in Sumatera Barat, known as Harau Valley, it was a large sea. The story started when a King and his family are going to held Selamatan for his daughter is going to be engaged. The name of the daughter is Putri Sari Banilai, and her fiance is a handsome man called Bujang Juaro.

During the cruise of the ship, there was a large wave which makes the ship of the King stranded to a island. Putri Sari Banilai made an oath to keep faithful to her fiance Bujang Juaro, if she breaks the oath, she will be cursed to be turned into stone. And if Bujang Juaro cheats on her, he will become venomous snake.

The name of the island is Harau. The ship of the King is tied to the roots and made the ship unable to move. The Queen and Putri Sari Banilai tried to find help, but it was meaningless because there is no one passing the area until the ship is damaged and sank. To avoid further damage, the King built a mooring near a large stone, around a hill which people call as Bukit Jambu, and the moor is called Batu Tambatan Perahu.

One day there was a large merchant ship pass by. The King and his family immediately ask for help to the ship by giving some signals. They helped the King and his family, apparently the owner of the merchant ship is the King of Harau. The son of the owner of the merchant ship, Rambun Paneh, is flattered by the beauty of Putri Sari Banilai and proposed to her. Putri Sari Banilai forgot to her oath and accepts the marriage proposal,. After several weeks, the wedding party is held, and they lived happily with a very cute son.

One day, when the son plays with his toy, the toy fell into the sea. Putri Sari Banilai immediately jumps to the water to get her son’s toy. Suddenly, a terrible wave squashed the body of Putri Sari Banilai to a enormous rocks, she then remembered her oath, and Putri Sari Banilai says “move away these ocean water”, then a miracle happened and in an instant the water of the sea receded, and she prayed if she made a mistake she is willing to face the consequence, Putri Sari Banilai is then turned into a stone.

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